... this page is for me, mostly, to kepp the line of thought when I teach, or simply think about evolution of drama.

2008 Stoppard Production (Theatre UAF) : Beckett, that's obvious.

As well, as Shakespeare (R/G are Dead). Hamlet.

12th Night? Comedy -- and Illyria!

Fate, Luck, Destiny, Fortune...

... Oscar Wilde : "Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask and he'll tell you the truth."

How about playing Self? PoMo !

... After A-Bomb and other wonders of 20th century such Hitler and Stalin, it became difficult to worship MAN, his mind, spirit...

Oh, Nietzsche knew it!

But life (show) must go on...

An so it went, even after the end of our belief in (modern, i.e. classic + christian) man, but NTL, we have to call us somehow -- P...modern.

... Do you want me to take myself seriously, sweet prince?

Not, after what I know about myself.

And by-the-way, you are just a fiction.

Or it is me?

... Was me? Or will be me? PoMO has problems with time, because like everything human it is invented! Damn it!


And what is not real is the only "human"? The "real thing"?

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