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"Idea of Man" in drama, and -- screen.

600: Hope, for example.

"Hope" in Oedipus, 3 Sisters, Godot...

and in movies?

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THR History pages?

Acting = Theatre ?

Oscar Wilde : "Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask and he'll tell you the truth." [playwrighting] = dramaturgy pages

... Oedipus vs. Hamlet : Ruler vs. Scholar ?



2007 -- dramlit leonardo5
Projects 2006: [Pinter] + Mamet

chekhov theatre

2007 - pomo =!

... film600 files [ "under construction" ] : tragedy in visual storytelling? Six years since 9-11, not (great) books. No drama. As we do not need it, we SAW it. In real time.

... no records were left about Oedipus -- we have to IMAGINE it.

What is our compassion for them, 9-11 people, we do not need to think; we SAW it. We think we did...

... R/G (Stoppard) Theatre UAF Spring 2008

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2007 : dramlit ... Translation into Visual Language -- our transition to PoMo

Fall 2002: Dramlit + Fall 2003: Playscript

Beyond POMO (from Theatre Theory pages)

There is one page (Theology of Theatre), which grows on me. The end of the 19th century Russian intelligencia considered theatre as a new church. A replacement for the institution of religion -- I grew up with this understanding of the nature of theatre.

What does it mean in practice?

The concept of Trinity (Godhead) is very important for Method Acting. Three-in-One.

"God is in your head"? Identification principle.

mini-Chekhov05: Schiele-kneeled

NEW * 2005 Question: Theatre with Anatoly: what are your webpages for? Dramaturgue (Don Juan) or Dramaturg? See Theatre Theory and read The Possessed D page!

* In addition to the dramaturgue pages. I have to work on playwrighting pages!

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