"Self-sacrifice enables us to sacrifice other people without blushing." -- George Bernard Shaw Waiting for Godot

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THR413 -- Main direction for this class: POMO (postmodern) and thematic (topical) organization, instead of the chronology.

The Class:

" Thank you, The Academy..." [The Platonic Girls are in Theatre Theory Directory]:

: Objective Idealism

Platonism: Subjective Idealism

Hegel: Objective Idealism



Comments? When?


Neitzsche and some more antisocials (20th century, Foucault & Co.) are missing...


Thank God I'm an atheist. --Luis Bunuel


Nietzsche: "What? Is man merely a mistake of God's? Or God merely a mistake of man's?"


I am a lie who always speaks the truth. --Jean Cocteau

Ionesco: There is no religion in which everyday life is not considered a prison; there is no philosophy or ideology that does not think that we live in alienation.

Bakhtin -- Dostoevsky:


Oedipus And The Gods


Hamlet & God : The Religion of Shakespeare


God After Godot


Themes... God

God... ot...

"Indeed, it is during the discussion of Godot that students can reflect on the contemporary institution of literature and its standards for greatness." Beckett's Godot (God) is a capricious being: he promises but never fulfills; he beats the boy who takes care of his sheep for no reason whatsoever and treats well the boy who takes care of his goats. The biblical symbolism of sheep and goats is only too obvious. For Beckett, God is arbitrary in his dealings with man, and the biblical image of a just and loving father is a false one." *

Playscript Analysis of the End of Humanity

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BECKETT'S GODOT: "A bundle of broken mirrors" ...

Five parts: Comedy, Drama, Tragedy, Modern, Postmodern, Realism & Anti-Realism (see pages @ THR directory @ Film-North

Anti-Realism and The End of the National Theatre (Styles and Movements)

The trick is to organize Structural (Formal) Principles (Composition, Plot, Character, etc -- see 200X Aesthetics) and the Historical, plus the Topical (Family, Individual, Gender, Death, etc).

God in POMO plays.
First, where is God in High Modernity?
Glass Menagerie -- "American God" in 20th century?

... Where else Man could seek "understanding"? He is the only animal with sense of self. He has to have it!

... Other is God?

Woman as god?

mini-Chekhov05: Schiele-face

... holy animals.