"Postmodern 2.0" ?

Are you serious?

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Playscript Analysis: Stoppard "Hamlet meets Lear" (1964) and Hamletmachine (Shakespeare facory, original title) -- conceptualism... Play-Idea (Brecht)?

Idea (ideology) = Thought, Message is everything. Character (not individual, Pirandello) and Action/Plot is evolution of Thought?

Well, new Aristole is needed to describe the postmodern.

... another take on existentialism = no essence? Create your own meaning? Why bother!?

"Little Man" and his tragedy (Miller, AmDrama2, and, latest -- Mamet, Americana : "Mametism") -- why don't we forget about tragic. No tragedy (TV).

... and Texture became Structure. (6 Principles)

... If human is tragic by definition, I want to be post-human. [ here is your superman, Mr. Nietzsche ]

"Character Analysis" for "Guilros" (Rosencrantz & Guildenstern)

Page & Stage [postmodern drama] -- "play-writer" [not playwright]

Stoppard -- R/G pages:

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5. filmplus.org/thr/stoppard

6. filmplus.org/plays/R-G.html [text]

7. filmplus.org/plays/stoppard [ru]

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... and how to read "Stoppard Case"?

... Fall 2008 THR413 class?

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... PM as Post Morten for Theatre (Beckett) -- Film as PoMO & script.vtheatre.net/themes/pomo + web as PM world (write about).

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