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... "Nietzsche admired the Dionysian spirit and the life affirmation that it represented. He also loved the tragic life in art that was the synthesis of the Apollonian and Dionysian responses to the world. It was the highest form of art. This did not last long as Socrates influence was felt in Greek society. With the emphasis being shifted away from feeling, tragedy, and the awareness of the impossibility of true, complete knowledge, and into reason and order, art would never recover." *

... Tragedy presents a challenge to rational thought because it implies a conflict in reason itself, i.e., that reason contradicts itself. Tragic conflict is not a conflict of right and wrong, but of right with right. Hegels concept of dialectical reason is a reason that sustains and endures contradiction. At issue is the question whether tragedy excludes reconciliation, or whether there is tragic reconciliation.

Pre-Christian, Christian and Post-Christian Idea of Fate

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