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Chekhov Fall 2001 Test, The Cherry Orchard
Part I. Give a short answer:
1. When the play was written?

2. When and were it was first performed?

3. What do we call "Subtext"?

4. Who is Trofimov?

5. How do you understand the conflict in the play?

6. Why did Chekhov consider this play a comedy?

Part II. Short Eassay
I. How do you understand the connection between the (new) Chekhov's drama and the need for the new style of acting (Method)?" (50 words)

II. The Cherry Orchard: What do we mean by the character-oriented-play?

@2001 Theatre UAF THR 215 DramLit

Drama-Assignments Writing assignments: 200 words post after reading each play (plus, oral presentation). Midterm Paper (Outline, 1st Draft, Final), Final (and/or the Scene -- the same three stages or rewrites), tests.