Modern Drama (textbook) -- Berford Intro to Drama (5th Edition)

Reading & Writing Assignments (Fall 2003):

updates -- Fall 2005 (IS)

Intro: Shakespeare Week (The Greeks and Aristotle)

1. Chekhov, The Cherry Orchard (THR215 Dramlit) Read Three Sisters *

2. Brecht, 3 Penny Opera + Mother Courage

3. Strindberg, Ms. July Miss Julie in THR215

4. Ibsen, A Doll's House (Naturalism)

5. Wilde, The Importance of Being Earnest

6. Pirandello, 6 Characters in Search of An Author

7. O'Neill, Desire under the Elms (Long Day's Journey into Night)

* Lorca * The House of Bernarda Alba

8. Beckett, EndGame (Happy Days)

9. Ionesco, Rhinoceros (Absurd)

10. Williams, Glass Menagerie (Cat on a Hot Roof)

11. Miller, All My Sons (Death of a Salesman)

12. Albee, The Zoo Story (The Goat -- 2005 Bedford)

13. Pinter, Birthday Party (Betrayl)

14. Stoppard, R & G are Dead

15. Shepard, Buried Child (True West)

* Mamet (Glengaryy Glen Ross)

* Paula Vogel * How I Learn to Drive

* Tony Kushner * Angels in America: Millennium Approaches

( the titles you must know )


Twice during the semester, each student will be responsible for giving to the class a short response (5 min.) to an assigned play. These responses can be somewhat informal, but must be thoughtful and demonstrate careful attention to the assigned play. The response can be to a significant element in the play (the development of a character, a symbolic setting, the language of the play, a specific scene or passage, etc.). Explain why that element affected you and why you think it might be a helpful aspect of the play for us to address. Be prepared to give the class several related examples or to discuss several different aspects of the scene or passage (etc.) that illustrate why you responded the way you did. For a record write a short typed summary (50-100 words) of what you will say in class, outline. Include author, title, and page numbers for your examples. The class will spend about 15-30 minutes responding.

* Regular attendance is required. Everyone has four pre-excused absences for those difficult times in life that interfere with class attendance, so you do not need to clear absences with me. However, it is a good idea to check with me (or a classmate) to make sure an assignment was not changed while you were gone. Students who miss more than four classes may be dropped from the roster for "excessive absences."

* Reports and papers will be graded down one letter grade for each day they are late.

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