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XX century :

Brecht -- Epic Theatre + +

... Chekhov Pages : Chekhov0-7 -- He died in 1904 and the characters are searching for (any) author ever since...

2007 class [ calendar ] Pirandello

Postmodern -- 1917 ( in Russia ) the end of the "new" century ... "After Beckett" -- like "After Chekhov"

... Brecht and Absurd?

THR215 DramLit
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2007 -- From Chekhov to Beckett -- including part 5?
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Where thr413 PlAYSCRIPT ANALYSIS starts :

... 20th century : WWI and WWII ...


... Children of Chekhov : 20th century theatre

215. IV.1

"Dramatic Literature from Sophocles to Beckett and After"

... Cherry Orchard, last play, a comedy?

Which Chekhov Pages to link?

Chekhov's Characters in search of Pirandello :


... Europe After WWI

next : Pirandello ... and Brecht of Williams ...

Term referring to art, literature, and music of the late 19th and the 20th century; a form of protest against the industrialized, militaristic, business-oriented, mechanical, bureaucratic, and technological nature of the modern world; literary modernism focuses on breaking away from rules and conventions, searching for new perspectives and points of view, experimenting in form and style; some modernists placed emphasis on art for its own sake; language and writing as an experience in themselves, without external referents; interest in subjectivity, the internal, psychic life of characters and the construction of reality from those inner perspectives; movements associated with modernism include Surrealism, Existentialism, Formalism, Symbolism, Dadaism, Expressionism, Impressionism, and others.

Postmodern -- pomo

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2005-2006 Theatre UAF Season: Four Farces + One Funeral & Godot'06
Film-North : Stoppard'08

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