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The Poetics by Aristotle : Structure [ texture in unit 3? ]

2005 mini-chekhov Main Stage Fall * Oedipus by Sophocles *

SHOWS: 12th Night
2004 case study: The Taming of the Shrew + Oedipus Rex

* Drama and History: The Greeks -- Individual and Society (Chorus), relations. Democracy and Ethnos. Oedipus -- social analysis. The Idea of King (man as prophet, king and prist). Pre-Christian Man.
Functions (Dialogue Idea), Logic Debate, Thought. Refresh Aristotle (Poetics).

Theatre as Philosophy. Fate. Determinism. Accidents. Them and Us (USA). Leadership -- self-knowledge. Sphinx the forms and the meaning of the monster *

Themes: Family, Father and Mother, Children. Gods (do they exist?), heroes. Issues and Topics: Time, Place (Chronotope), Death, Mind, Vision...

I -- 1. From Aeschylus to Sophocles (Last -- Euripides).

I -- 2. [ Hamlet ]

... Old and New Comedy (Aristophanes) -- what is comedy: situation and character (is "sitcom" stronger genre?)

II -- Shakespeare, III -- Chekhov, IV -- Beckett and etc.

Preface to Drama: An Introduction to Dramatic Literature and Theater Art
Book by Charles W. Cooper; Ronald Press, 1955 (Notes)

... 4 Lessons : Prelude for Oedipus


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groups.yahoo.com/group/dramlit Shakespeare -- PLAYS directory

Dramatic Literature

THR215 DramLit + Intro
Fall 2005 Bedford Into to Drama

Dramatic and Epic Poetry -- What is Poetry?

Audience v. Public [ sound, word vs. spectacle, stage languages ]

The Greeks: 5c. BC (the tragedies) > 3c. BC the first book on theatre.

Assignments: reading and the post.

From theatre
Aristotle : aesthetics.vtheatre.net


What are those 3 levels in this 215 subdirectory? Man, Woman, Love?
"200 words" sample (for Unit III):

Dramlit Ibsen Doll House Oct. 17/02 [Grace...]

It never ceases to amaze me that lessons taught by whatever means, lessons learned and lessons forgotten or ignored happening down through the ages continue to repeat themselves no matter how hard the suffering. Ibsen’s Doll House and cast of characters with the age old theme, man and woman repressing, oppressing, denying and just being downright blind is a brilliant play whose lessons are yet so relevant to us today. It is better today but------.

This business of being estranged one to another permeates the affairs of the whole human race and it is especially strong as man and woman ‘bounce’ ideas off each other always with the underlying issue of “I have to be right” (is it true?) Of course ego concerns come into play and this subject has been the domain of philosophers, psychologist, analyst also for centuries. Here is a ‘poor’ little lark and squirrel’, a clown dancing for her supper, all for the sake of her warm fuzzy little castle for the sake of her children (perhaps) trying to be sweet, warm, wonderful, accommodating, kind. All those virtues struggled with, only to lose it all in the end walking away from security, children and that very controlling husband. Ah, the price of freedom which is not freedom after all. I personally feel the only freedom is total surrender while flying under the radar of life 101. Been in Nora's’ place to a certain extent, didn’t work and probably never will until human souls get they are absolutely equal in spite of sex organs but that entails enormous responsibility. Children are still being sacrificed to the ax of “Lets consult and work it out no matter what kind of mind numbing boredom it is”

Would they have done better if they would have known better? Guess not as it is still happening today on another scale. I liked bernhrts post ending with her last question, “how will we ever find peace?” My spin on this is not until we grow the hell up and understand the purpose of physical reality, knock down the games and start truly caring without hidden agenda. My question is this—Is it necessary to play the game of survival (or our ego) when in actuality it is all such an illusion of power and control anyway? I will work on the bondage of self until the day I drop the physical body. Perhaps in another world of God I shall conquer self and all the hell it brings. Wish us all luck. Meanwhile I feel Doll House and Ibsen has so much to teach. Lets do this play in the future at UAF!!!

*intro in script.vtheatre.net/215 & script.vtheatre.net/intro
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"Dramatic Literature from Sophocles to Beckett and After" TOPICS: drama + comedy + postmodern + time + space + history.vtheatre.net + showcases + [ semiotics ] + death + sex + resurrection + ...
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